The Birth of a Legend?

Aug 16, 2011   //   by James   //   Sketches  //  No Comments


One day James Hutchinson doodled a small sad dog. Several days later David Freedman doodled an oversized energetic chick, who gave the sad dog a hug. The chick felt that Lamington needed a hug… whether he liked it or not.

So… the two guys started doodling more and more and writing some very sad, sweet and silly cartoons.  The sort of things that make you go ‘Ahhhh’.

Then David’s daughter said, ‘I want one.’ and they figured if she wanted one, so did other girls (both young and old).

Lamington ‘The Saddest Dog In The World’ was born.

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Hey Lamington

He’s cute. He’s cuddly and he also would rather you not cuddle him. Even though, yes, he could really use a hug. But no thanks. Not now.

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