Lamington is a small Boston Terrier puppy with a big sadness problem. He likes things that most people hate, such as rainy days, being lonely, cold food and power ballads.  


Lester is a bossy pug. He loves learning new hobbies, and wants everyone to party all the time, even if it means forcing them to have fun.  


Nutmeg is a crazy labrador. She will go along with anything, no matter how lame it is, and prides herself on her enthusiasm. Also, she’s nuts.  


Peck is a giant baby chicken. No one knows how he got so big, or whether he’ll ever reach maturity. He’s a sloppy mess who has no idea about anything, except for HUGS.

Hey Lamington

He’s cute. He’s cuddly and he also would rather you not cuddle him. Even though, yes, he could really use a hug. But no thanks. Not now.

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