You are looking at the saddest dog in the world – Lamington. He’s a little Boston Terrier who wants to be left alone to nap on a rainy day, sip cold tea or space out to power ballads. Things you might find depressing, but really, we all like time to ourselves. Lamington just likes it 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, it drives his friends crazy. They want everyone to be happy, and will pester Lamington to have fun at any opportunity. So in his quest for peace and quiet, Lamington is losing. He must find a way to to wallow in sadness without upsetting those around him. And that’s not as easy as you’d think.

Lamington is now a series of greeting cards from Full Color Black, available in UK shops this Spring. Also coming to Moonpig.com very soon! Stay tuned to the Lamington blog for updates and become a fan on Facebook to show your support! (He won’t appreciate it.)


About the Creators

We are James Hutchinson and David Freedman.  Two creative artists who seem to be on some sort of permanent cultural exchange programme.

David is a Yank who lives and works in Great Britain and James is a Brit who works and lives in the USA.  And whilst Lamington grows, they still manage to do other things.

James works as a Character Designer, and is also the creator of Crashlander, a comic strip that appeared in Edge magazine in the UK for about four years. And he created an iPhone game called Trainer Drop, which is basically Tetris with sneakers. (It’s free, so you can download it from the app store right now.) James lives in Los Angeles with his wife, and their cat, Ripley.

David works as a comedy script doctor, voice director and series director in TV.  He is currently directing Groove High, a live action/animation combo, starring Samantha Barks and Jonathan Bailey, for The Disney Channel. David is married with two mischievous children (they destroyed the new couch) and a quiet dog who actually sulks, sighs and provides endless inspiration for Lamington.

Please feel free to leave us the occasional comment, so we don’t get paranoid and think nobody cares… and also it’ll help us know that the comment thingy is working.


Hey Lamington

He’s cute. He’s cuddly and he also would rather you not cuddle him. Even though, yes, he could really use a hug. But no thanks. Not now. heylamington.tumblr.com

Greeting Cards

See the full range of cards and find out where to buy here.